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Questions concerning support

Programmes at all universities and approved university colleges entitle you to support from Lånekassen to take 480 credits (studiepoeng)

Read more about  loans and grants for universities and university colleges in Norway

Read more about loans and grants for universities and university colleges abroad

You need to sign the support agreement and register a valid account number on Dine sider.

Your educational institution also needs to send us information. If you are an upper secondary school pupil, the school must let us know that you have attended the school.

Are you student at a public university or university college? In order for us to transfer the money, you have to:

  • Register for the semester, usually this means to register for classes and exams
  • Pay your semester fee

Then the educational institution will notify us. If you are a student on a private university college, different conditions apply.

If you are under 18 years of age, one of your parents (or a guardian) must sign on your behalf. Both of your parents will receive the agreement either via a digital postbox (Digipost or E-boks) or as a letter in the post, but only one of them needs to sign the agreement. Parents can sign digitally using the parent signing service using BankID or equivalent. If you are under 18 years of age and you have applied for a loan as well as a grant, you will need to sign the agreement together with one of your parents.

If you are over 18 years of age, you will need to sign the agreement yourself. You can do this by logging into Dine sider and finding the agreement that needs to be signed. You need to use BankID or equivalent to sign digitally. You don´t have to sign if you only have applied for grant for materials. 

If you are unable to sign, you can update your browser to the latest version or try using a different browser.

We will transfer the money once you meet the conditions for payment. It will take 2-3 days from the time at which we disburse the money until it clears in your account. You will then receive a disbursement on the 15th of each month for the rest of the semester if you are studying in Norway. If you are studying abroad, the full amount for the entire semester will be included in the initial disbursement.


Questions concerning debts and repayments

Loans are converted to grants in the year after you sit your examination. The reason for this is that we wait for income information from the Norwegian tax administration for the previous year.

We start issuing conversion decisions in June and send out decisions continuously throughout the summer. Some will receive their decision in June or July, while others have to wait longer.

Anyone can defer payment up to 36 times over a period of three years. You do not need to explain why you are deferring the repayment.

If you use up the 36 deferrals, you will be unable to defer any further invoices unless you are entitled to have your interest exempted.

Your loan is interest-free for as long as you receive support for full-time education from us. If you no longer receive support for full-time education, your loan will become interest-bearing and you will need to start making repayments after a payment-free period of approximately seven months. This applies regardless of whether you complete or interrupt your studies, if you change to part-time education or if you study without support from Lånekassen.

You will receive a repayment plan from us when you need to start making repayments.

Contact us

Our customer service centre is open on weekdays from 09:00 to 15:00. Call us by telephone on

+ 47 21 49 60 00

It is usually the shortest waiting time on our customer service phone from 10 to 11.

We do not have an e-mail adress for customers. Log in to Your Page to send us an e-mail.

Sending something by post?

You cannot deliever post to our office address. Lånekassen has a single postal address for all customer letters

P.O. Box 450 Alnabru
0614 Oslo

When do I get a reply?

Applications for support that must be processed by a case officer are currently subject to a processing time of five weeks.

Be vigilant of attempted scams

Always log in to Dine sider if you are unsure if you have received a genuine invoice or to provide information to Lånekassen.

Other contact information

We appreciate it if you let us know of any technical issues you experience using Lånekassen services.

We cannot answer questions concerning your customer relationship in connection with reporting of technical issues.

Email to report technical issues

Parents must be authorised when calling on behalf of children over the age of 18.

If you want your parents to be able to contact Lånekassen on your behalf, they need to be authorised if you are over 18 years of age.

In order to authorise your parents, you need to submit either:

  • an e-mail via Dine sider, or
  • a fax to +47 21 70 43 80, or
  • a letter to Lånekassen, Postboks 450 Alnabru, 0614 Oslo, Norway

Download form for authorization (pdf - in Norwegian only).

Questions as a private client in Lånekassen?

Contact support at:

+ 47 21 49 60 00 (monday through friday from 9 am to 3 pm)

Do you belong to the police or have questions concerning administration?

Contact central switchboard at + 47 21 70 40 00

Main switchboard

We cannot answer questions concerning your customer relationship if you call the main switchboard or send an e-mail.

+47 21 70 40 00 (Monday–Friday between 9:00 and 15:00)

E-mails concerning administrative enquiries

The main switchboard number and e-mail address should be used only for enquiries concerning supplier invoices, procurements, job applications or other matters not relating to individual customers.


Documents relating to procurements and other administrative enquiries must be submitted to:

Fakturamottak DFØ
Postboks 4746
7468 Trondheim

Arbeidsflaten for læresteder

Logg in to arbeidsflaten

Telephone for employees at educational institutions

+47 21 49 25 50 (Monday–Friday kl. 09.00–15.00)

Postal address

Postboks 450 Alnabru
0614 Oslo

Are you having trouble logging in or signing your support agreement?

Our login solution is ID-porten, which is not operated by Lånekassen. If you have questions about logging in or signing, you must contact support at ID-porten (

Parent signing

If you will be signing a support agreement for a child under 18 years of age, you can go to parent signing.

Account number and KID

Your invoice includes all necessary information you need. If you cannot find the invoice, please use this:
  • Account number: 7694.05.20300
  • KID number. This is always the same, you may find it in earlier invoices or under your profile in Dine sider, og du finner det på Dine sider og tidligere regningene.
  • Term amount. You may find this when logging into Dine sider.