About Lånekassen

Lånekassen is a public administrative body, under the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. Our purpose is to make education possible.

We make education possible

Lånekassen was established in 1947 as a means of making university and university college education accessible to all classes of society.

Lånekassen is both a bank and a part of the welfare state. Since its inception, Lånekassen has provided support to pupils and students for the purpose of ensuring that all Norwegian citizens get access to education, regardless of background.

We will help make education possible for everyone

Our social responsibility is to administer the educational support schemes set out by the Norwegian parliament to ensure that they contribute

  • to equal opportunities for education regardless of geographical location, age, gender, disability and economic and social circumstances
  • to a secure society and trade and industry having access to a qualified workforce
  • to ensuring that education takes place under satisfactory conditions that allow for effective studying

Lånekassen is a digital business

Since the 1980s, we have made investments in digitisation and mass management of applications to ensure effective administration of the educational support schemes. Today, pupils, students and repayers have a fully digital dialogue with Lånekassen. Three quarters of applications for support are processed without needing to be assessed by a human.

Thanks to the digital investment, a small organisation such as Lånekassen, with just under 400 permanent employees, is able to administer relationships with 1.2 million customers.

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How we are organised

Lånekassen is a public administrative body, under the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

Lånekassen performs its duties in accordance with the governance instructions and guidelines set out by the Ministry.

Lånekassen is headquartered in Oslo, with regional offices in Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim and Ørsta.

The organisational structure consists of the following departments and offices:

  • Office of Governance and Organisational Development
  • Office of Communication
  • Case Management Department
  • Education Financial Support Department
  • IT Department
Lånekassen’s Appeal Board
Data Protection Officer
Annual reports