Reduction of debt for doctors in selected municipalities

Up to NOK 30,000 may be written off each year if you work in an approved municipality.

Which municipalities does this apply to?

Troms: Gratangen and Ibestad

Nordland: Rødøy, Nesna, Bø, Øksnes, Evenes, Vega, Flakstad, Moskenes and Andøy

Trøndelag: Leka, Røyrvik, Høylandet and Lierne

Møre and Romsdal: Aure

The scheme also applies to borrowers who have been gainfully employed as doctors in the former municipalities of Torsken and Berg in Troms, Tysfjord in Nordland and Fosnes in Trøndelag.

How much will my debt be reduced by?

Up to 20 per cent of your original student loan, i.e. the debt you had when you started making repayments, can be written off, up to a maximum limit of NOK 30,000 per year.

What is the application deadline?

You must apply within three months of having completed the accrual period.

How to apply?

Use the same application form as for writing off debt in Finnmark and Nord-Troms.

If you live and work in Finnmark or Nord-Troms, you can apply for debts to written off on that basis.

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