Student loans will be erased if the borrower dies.

Student loans from Lånekassen are personal and unsecured. This means that no-one will inherit debt from Lånekassen. If the person who has a loan dies, the entire debt will be erased.

Next-of-kin do not need to let us know

We will receive notice of the death from the Norwegian National Registry. Next-of-kin do not need to let us know if the borrower that dies is resident in Norway. Next-of-kin may contact Lånekassen if the borrower resides abroad.

If the person who died was in receipt of support from Lånekassen, the payments will stop and the debt will be erased.

We will issue an annual statement

We are obliged to issue annual statements to anyone who has had a loan with us in a given year and the deceased person's estate will receive an annual statement from Lånekassen just after the New Year. This also applies if the debt has been erased.