Your responsibilities

You have an obligation to inform Lånekassen if your circumstances change during your education, e.g. if you change or interrupt your study programme.

You have a duty to inform Lånekassen if you:

  • interrupt or take a break from your study programme
  • change educational institution or change your academic plan
  • pay less in tuition fees than you stated on your application
  • change your home address or marital status

Consequences for you

A change in circumstances may mean that you are entitled to more or less money. If you fail to notify us of a change in circumstances, you may miss out on money that you are entitled to. If you have received more money than you are entitled to and do not report a change in circumstances, the consequences may be serious. In the worst case scenario, you could lose your entitlement to loans and grants from Lånekassen, for a set period or permanently.

If you do not report a change in circumstances or if you provide incorrect information, we may convert your grant to a loan and demand the immediate repayment of any support you should not have received. Serious cases will be reported to the police.

Keep important documentation

Anyone who receives a loan that can be converted to a grant can be asked to provide documentation that proves you live away from your parents. Therefore, we advise you to keep leases and similar documents.


The deadline to notify us of a change in circumstances is the end of the period for which you have received support. For example, if you have received a loan and a grant up to and including 15 June 2024, that date will also be the deadline for notifying us of any changes. The period for which grants and loans are awarded is specified in your decision letter, which can be found at Dine sider. Any changes reported at a later date will not be taken into account.

You must notify us immediately if you discontinue your education.
Letters you receive from us state a deadline for a response, which is usually three weeks. Parental grants have their own application deadline.