Deletion of debt for former quota students

Students who participated in the quota scheme may have their student debt deleted if they return to their home country and settle there permanently.

Citizens from developing countries, countries in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and Central Asia who have received educational support under the quota scheme may apply for the deletion of their student debt. The condition is that you have returned to your home country to settle there permanently.

If you still live in Norway or you have moved to a country other than your home country, you will need to repay your loan in accordance with the ordinary rules.

If there are humanitarian reasons why you are unable to settle in your home country, such as war, serious unrest or risk of persecution, the debt can still be deleted if you settle in a different country that was covered by the quota scheme.

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If you return to Norway before ten years have passed since your debt was deleted, the decision to delete the debt will be repealed and you will still need to repay the loan.

How to apply for deletion of your loan

You can apply when you are able to document that you have lived in your home country for at least one year after completing your study programme in Norway. This can be documented through a declaration from your employer.

  • Log in to using MinID or BankID and use the online application. Attach a declaration from your employer showing the date from which you have been employed and that you are still an employee.
  • If you no longer have access to Dine sider, you will need to submit the declaration from your employer by regular post to:

    P.O. Box 450 Alnabru
    0614 Oslo, Norway.

You may contact Lånekassen if you have been out of work during this period.


The application must be received by Lånekassen by 31 December 2025. This means that you must settle in your home country no later than 31 December 2024 in order to apply for deletion by the deadline of 31 December 2025.