Unemployed, AAP, sick and low income

You may have the right to have the interest on your loan deleted if you are on a low income.

Veileder Sletting av renter

If your interest is deleted, you can defer repayment during the same period

Anyone can defer repayment up to 36 times, but you cannot use this quota during periods for which your interest is deleted.

If you have used up your deferrals, your repayments during periods for which your interest has been deleted could still be deferred.

We have several schemes for you

If your circumstances mean that you have a low income, your interest on your study loan may be deleted and your payments can be deferred.

The deletion of interest means that interest that has already been added to your loan will be deleted. So you cannot apply to stop interest being added in the future. In order to be entitled to have interest deleted, your circumstances must be approved for the deletion of interest and you must have an income that is below our threshold.

Application deadline for the deletion of interest

You can apply for interest to be deleted, backdated for up to three years. In other words, if you apply during the course of 2024, the deletion of interest can be backdated to 1 January 2021.

You can defer repayment during periods for which your interest has been deleted

You can also defer repayments without using your quota of 36 deferrals during periods for which your interest is deleted. This means that the deferments that you have used will be deleted when you are subsequently granted the deletion of interest.

Have you used up all your repayment deferrals?

If you have used 36 deferrals, you may be entitled to more if you are likely to have your interest deleted for the same period. In order to be granted more repayment deferrals, you must first apply for the deletion of interest and then apply for repayment deferral.

See income limits for the deletion of interest

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Documentation requirements
When applying for deletion of interest
If you receive disability benefit, you may be entitled to have your debt deleted.
Norwegian National Collection Agency
What does it means when your loan has been terminated and transferred to the Norwegian National Collection Agency (SI)?

Repayment deferral

Everyone can defer repayment
36 times

During the repayment period, everyone can defer their bill up to 36 times, i.e. the equivalent of three years in total. You do not need to provide any specific reasons for deferred repayment.

Please note that the repayment period will be longer, since you will have to pay the bill later than planned, and that interest will be added to your loan even during periods when you do not pay. As a result, you must pay more interest overall than you would have done if you had not deferred repayment. If you defer one bill, we will extend the repayment period by one month. If you defer two bills, we will extend it by two months, and so on.

You can both defer bills you have already received and future bills. If you defer bills that you have not yet received, we will not send you a bill.

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