University and university college in the Nordic region

Full degree or individual courses at a university or university college in the Nordic region. You can find the application further down the page.

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Approved educations
You must submit documentation before, during and after your education
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Studying in a Nordic country

Lånekassen may provide support to those who will be completing a full degree or individual courses in another country in the Nordic region.

Approved educations

Lånekassen may provide loans and grants for studies in universities and university colleges in all Nordic countries. The condition is that the education is approved for support by the State educational loan fund in the country in question.

Application deadlines

You must have a study place before applying and you may apply no earlier than mid-May. The final deadline for applying is

  • 15 November for the entire year or just the autumn semester
  • 15 March for the spring semester

All students receive basic support

Students in the Nordic region may receive the same loans and grants as those studying in Norway.

All students can receive basic support, which is what most people call a student loan. Basic support is a loan, not a grant, but up to 40 per cent of this may be converted to a grant if you live away from your parents, complete your programme of education and have income and assets below the set limits. If you are married or cohabiting and have children together, we calculate on the basis of your total assets.

You must be present at the academic institution during the academic year

To be entitled to loans and grants, it is a requirement that you stay at the university or college during the academic year. You will not receive a loan and scholarship if, for example, you write a master's thesis at home in Norway.

You may not receive support from another State educational loan fund

You are not eligible for support from Lånekassen if you receive support from another State educational loan fund ("Lånekassen" in the country in question) at the same time. Periods where you have received support from eg. SU or CSN, are taken away from the 8 year maximum you may receive support from Lånekassen. 

You need to submit documentation annually

We do not receive information about examinations passed or confirmation of how much you have paid in tuition fees from educational institutions abroad. Therefore, you will need to submit documentation to us each year.

You do not have to remember this yourself. We will let you know when and how to submit such documentation. You need to document your academic progress in order for parts of your loan to be converted to a grant and for us to process your application when you apply for the next academic year.

Debt and repayments

Lånekassen loans are interest-free and you do not need to start making repayments for as long as you remain a student and receive support from us. When you no longer receive support from Lånekassen for full-time studies, interest on the loan will start to accrue and you will need to start repayments around nine months later.

Go to the application for loan and grant

Do you have children?

You may receive extra
loans and grants
if you have or get children

If you have children while studying, you may be entitled to additional loans and grants.

Parental grant in the event of birth or adoption

If you have children while studying, your basic support and additional loan for school fees may be converted to a grant for up to 49 weeks.

Child grant

If you have children below the age of 16, you may qualify for an additional grant. If you have several children, you receive more in grants. The child grant is means tested, which means that the amount is reduced if the family has income or assets in excess of the limits stipulated in the regulations. If you are a part-time student, you also get a smaller amount.

Additional loans

You may also borrow NOK 57,940 extra per year when you have children below the age of 16, with an upward limit of NOK 115,880 in total. Income and assets have no impact on whether you can receive an additional loan. If you are a part-time student, you will be offered a loan with a smaller amount.

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Do you have reduced functional ability?

You may apply for an
extra grant
if you are unable to work besides your studies

If you have reduced functional ability that prevents you from working beside your studies, you may be eligible for an additional grant of NOK 4,443 per month. If you are a part-time student, you get a smaller amount.

You may also receive grants and loans during summer if you are unable to work during the summer holiday. A specialist must confirm that you have reduced functional ability.
You apply for loans and grants due to disability on a separate form.

Read more about grants for people with reduced functional ability

Are you above the age of 30?

Then you can apply for up to
NOK 115,880
in additional loans per year

You can borrow up to NOK 115,880 extra per year if you are a full-time student, which corresponds to 60 credits per year. If you are taking fewer credits, you will be given an offer to borrow a smaller amount. You may borrow up to NOK 231,760 in total, and you may choose how many years you want to allocate the loan across. You apply for the loan on the same form as for ordinary loans and grants.

The loan may not be combined with additional loans for those with children.

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Converting loans to grants

Up to 40 per cent of basic support may be converted to a grant if you complete your studies and graduate with a degree.

You must submit your degree certificate for conversion

When you have completed your studies, you will have to submit a copy of your degree certificate and the official examination transcript so that we can convert the loan to a grant. Submit the results as soon as possible after completing your studies.

If you have received support for tuition fees, you will also need to submit documentation from the educational institution confirming that the tuition fees have been paid.

Submit a copy of your degree certificate and official examination transcript before the deadline

The deadline for conversion of passed credits is four years back in time, calculated from the calendar year in which we receive your results. The deadline for conversion of a passed degree is eight years back in time, calculated from the start of the semester in which you passed the degree.

In order to qualify for conversion of a completed degree, the documentation must clearly show the degree or qualifications you have achieved. You have to let us know if you end your studies before completing a degree.

Read more about the general rules for conversion

When unexpected things happen

When something happens in your life or in your studies, it may impact what you are entitled to receive from Lånekassen, either now or later.