Be vigilant of attempted scams

Be vigilant of attempted scams

Lånekassen will never ask for your credit card information, security codes, copies of ID cards or account numbers via SMS or e-mail and will never send invoices via e-mail.

Always log in to Dine sider if you are unsure if you have received a genuine invoice or to provide information to Lånekassen.
Unfortunately, there may from time to time be occasions when you receive SMS messages or e-mails from someone pretending to be Lånekassen. The goal may be to fraudulently obtain money or personal data.

Log in to Dine sider

To protect yourself from fraud, we recommend never disclosing information without being logged in to Dine sider.
You can also find an overview of the latest invoices we have sent you and all of the payments we have received from you on Dine sider.

Have you fallen victim to an attempted scam?

If you think you have fallen victim to an attempted scam, it is crucial that you do not disclose any of the requested information. Do not reply to the e-mail, click on any links or open any attachments.
If you have provided personal data or bank account details after receiving an e-mail, you should block your cards and accounts as soon as possible.

Contact Lånekassen if you think you have fallen victim to an attempted scam. You can contact us by phone on +47 21 49 60 00 or by sending an e-mail to or via Dine sider. Feel free to include a copy of the suspicious enquiry.

Lånekassen takes cases such as this seriously and will report cases to the police when our name has been used in connection with attempted scams.