Preliminary course and summer course

Applies to those taking preliminary courses or summer courses in Norway

Up to NOK 38,272 available in loans and grants

You may receive loans and grants up to a maximum of 2 months if: 
  • the studies or placement takes place during the summer semester
  • the course forms part of your education programme
  • the teaching programme has a duration of at least two weeks
  • you are registered as a full-time student 

Loans and grants for summer courses

Loans and grants are available for certain summer courses

Basic support for up to two months

You can receive basic support for up to two months to take summer courses. Basic support is available to all students and is what most people refer to as a student loan. For summer 2024, the basic support is NOK 13,790 per month and you may receive a loan only for the period during which the course runs. If you have already received basic support for 11 months, you will only receive basic support for one additional month.

If you have children or reduced functional ability, you will also receive the appropriate grant for the same period.

Additional loan for up to two months

If you are taking a summer course approved as a summer semester at a university or university college in Norway, you can also receive an additional loan of up to NOK 5,346 per month during the summer of 2024.

Field work during the summer

In order to receive support for field work, you need to enclose documentation from your supervisor showing that it is necessary for the field work to take place during the summer. This applies to subjects such as biology, geology and archaeology.

Support for studies that are not approved summer courses

You can apply for loans and grants if your semester is extended by at least two weeks after 15 June. You may be entitled to grants and loans if your education programme specifies that teaching must take place during the summer semester or if you can document that you are saving time on the standard study period.

You need to send us a letter to apply. Enclose documentation from your place of study showing that the studies has been specified in your education programme or that you are saving time on the standard study period.

How to apply for loans for summer courses

You must submit your application before the course ends and you need to use the application form for the academic year ending during the summer when you will be taking the course.

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Extra grants and loans

If you have children, become ill or have reduced functional ability, you may receive extra grants and/or loans from Lånekassen.

What you may receive depends on your situation.
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Conversion from loan to grant

40 per cent of the loan may be converted to a grant

If you complete the course and have income and assets below the limits, 40 per cent of the loan is converted to a grant. This means that you are not required to repay it. You will receive a separate decision from us when the loan is converted.

Additional loan will not be converted into a grant

The amount that you receive in additional loan must be repaid.

If you live at home with your parents, you are not qualified for a grant

Only those living away from home may have loans converted to grants. 

Conversion only takes place the year after you have completed your education

The loan is not converted to a grant until we have checked your income and assets. We only do this when your tax assessment is ready for the year or years in which you received the loan from us.

This means that if you summer course takes places the summer of 2024, your loan is not converted to a grant before the spring/summer of 2025.

More about conversion of basic support

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