Direct debits and e-invoices

You bill can be sent as a direct debit, an e-invoice or as a paper invoice in the post.

E-invoices with direct debits are not possible

Lånekassen does not offer a combination of e-invoices and direct debits. You must choose either one or the other.

Direct debits

Direct debits are easy because you do not have to think about paying or approving your invoice every month. You must make sure that you have enough money in your account and that the maximum amount is high enough. If you change your bank, you will need to enter into a new direct debit agreement.


E-invoices are forwarded direct to your online banking account and the only thing you need to do is to approve the invoice before it falls due for payment. If you do not have enough money in your account when your invoice is due, it will not be paid. E-invoices will appear in all the banks where you have an account and possibly also in Vipps, so there is nothing to keep an eye out for if you change bank.

Paper invoices

We do not recommend sending paper invoices in the post. This is because you have to pay a fee of NOK 18 kroner for each invoice  However, if you still want to do this, you must ensure that Lånekassen always has your current address. You can update your address on Dine sider.

You must pay even if you have not received an invoice 

Lånekassen sends invoices showing the amount to be paid each month. If for some reason you do not receive a invoice, it is still your responsibility to pay it each month.

Go to Dine sider to see your invoices

Account number and KID

Your invoice includes all necessary information you need. If you cannot find the invoice, please use this:
  • Account number: 7694.05.20300
  • KID number. This is always the same, you may find it in earlier invoices or under your profile in Dine sider, og du finner det på Dine sider og tidligere regningene.
  • Term amount. You may find this when logging into Dine sider.

FAQs about direct debits

There may be several reasons for this. The most common ones are as follows:

  • you did not have enough money in your account to cover it
  • you have set the maximum amount as being too low on your direct debit agreement
  • you have changed your bank
  • your direct debit agreement has not yet been activated

If you change your bank, you must set up a new direct debit agreement with your new bank.

If you do not pay your invoice one month, your next invoice will consist of two instalment amounts plus a reminder fee, so it is an advantage to set your maximum amount to at least four times your usual instalment amount. Irrespective of this, we will not deduct more than the amount shown on your invoice. 

If you have reserved the right not to receive online communications from official bodies and have chosen to get kopies of direct debit invoices from Lånekassen, you will receive the copy by post and must pay a notification fee of NOK 18. You can avoid this by informing your online bank that you do not want to receive copies of  invoices from Lånekassen, or cancel your reservations in the Contact and Reservations Register.

The same thing can happen if you have not logged into Your Pages or other official digital solutions for 18 months. E-mails will then be logged as being inactive. Log in to Your Pages to activate your e-mails.

If you registered your direct debit agreement after we sent our invoice to you, your first invoice will also be sent by post.

For invoice and notifications sent by post, you will have to pay an invoice fee of NOK 18.

Lånekassen is listed as "Statens lånekasse for utdanning".

If you are unable to set up a direct debit with your online bank, you can also do this on Dine sider.

If you apply for payment deferral just before or after the payment deadline, you are responsible for stopping payments with your online bank.

If you apply for payment deferral well before your invoice is due to be paid or for several months in the future, we will not send out invoices.

Your BankID may not support this. Ask your bank for further help. Lånekassen cannot resolve any problems relating to your BankID. Only your bank can do this.