Processing times

Different processing times if you were to apply now.

Processing times for different type of applications

There are different processing times for different type of applications or enquiries. The processing time varies over the year. It is longer during the autumn when we receive many applications.

If your application can be processed by a computer, you will normally receive a decision within two days.

However, if your application must be processed by a case officer, you should anticipate a processing time of several weeks.  We are working as fast as we can and we are doing everything we can to ensure you can receive an answer as quickly as possible.

Type of application or enquiry Processing time
Applications for support for pupils and students in Norway Up to five weeks
Applications for support for students abroad Up to five weeks
Applications for additional grants due to disability Up to eight weeks
Applications for parental grants Up to 12 weeks
Søknader om sykestipend Up to 20 weeks
New information for an application that has already been processed Up to 20 weeks
Appeals Up to 12 weeks
Responses to the annual check on your education abroad Up to five weeks

If you have an appeal that will be determined by the Appeals Court, you will find information on hearing dates here.

Response time for e-mails from Dine sider: Up to 20 days

We are receiving a large number of e-mails from Dine sider and, unfortunately, it is therefore taking longer for us to respond than normal. Our customer service centre will respond to e-mails within 20 days.

Some e-mails are subject to longer response times

In some cases, the matter needs to be assessed by a case officer and the response time for e-mails is then longer than 20 days. 

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The date on which you can expect to receive a response to your application will be displayed in Dine sider. Nevertheless, we would like to note that it may take longer than the date published on Dine sider. This is the case particularly during summer and autumn, when a high number of people apply for support

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Why is the processing time so long?

We receive a high number of enquiries and applications for support during summer and autumn.

Some applications have to be assessed by a case officer because of missing information or because we need to check the information provided in the application. In such cases, the application will be moved to a processing queue and it will take some time before you receive a response. 

We prioritise processing applications for support so that as many people as possible receive money before the start of the academic year. Enquiries other than applications are therefore subject to longer processing times than normal. However, we will not forget your application or your enquiry. 

We apologise to those who have to wait a long time to receive a response from us, we understand that the wait is frustrating. Many people ask if we are able to expedite their case. We are unfortunately unable to do this, as we process cases in the order they are received.