CEO Morten Rosenkvist. Foto.

Morten Rosenkvist

Acting chief of Office of Governance and Organisational Development, Håvard Tvinnereim. Foto

Håvard Tvinnereim

Fungerende stabsleder for styring og økonomi
Department manager Inge Hilde Kitterød. Foto

Inge Hilde Kitterød

Department director for case processing
Department manager Idun Klette Låhne. Foto.

Idun Klette Låhne

Avdelingsdirektør for utdanningsstøtteavdelingen
Department director Heidi Brunborg. Foto.

Heidi Brunborg

Department director for IT
Press Contact
Chief Communications Officer  Anette Bjerke. Foto.

Anette Bjerke

Chief Communications Officer
Telephone: + 47 402 23 180
HR manager Thea Sivertsen. Foto.

Thea Sivertsen

Department director HR

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