Data Protection Officer

Lånekassen has a Data Protection Officer who safeguards the privacy interests of Lånekassen’s customers.

As a customer, you have the right to know which personal data Lånekassen has registered about you. If you would like to access your data, you must submit a written request. If the data registered with Lånekassen is incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to request that corrections are made.

Lånekassen relies on data about you to manage your customer interests and to process your application correctly. We collect data from you and directly from other sources from which Lånekassen is authorised to obtain data (such as the Norwegian tax administration, Norwegian National Registry and educational institutions). The data we collect is used only for the purposes we tell you about.

Data retention

Lånekassen’s processing of customer data is linked to three main areas: allocation of support, repayment of loans and collection of defaulted loans. We retain personal data for as long as is necessary to manage your customer relationship. We also have a duty to comply with applicable laws/regulations, as well as societal interests.

Personal data may be retained for historical, scientific or statistical purposes, even though it is no longer required for its original purpose. The prerequisite for this is that the societal interest in retaining personal data clearly exceeds any disadvantages this could entail for you, as a customer.

Lånekassen’s Data Protection Officer

Lånekassen has a Data Protection Officer who safeguards the privacy interests of both Lånekassen’s customers and employees. This arrangement is facilitated and managed by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. The Data Protection Officer can provide advice and guidance if you have general questions concerning Lånekassen’s processing of personal data or concerning protection of the data we have registered about you as a customer.

Lånekassen’s Data Protection Officer is Liv Bergliot Simonsen. She can be contacted via e-mail or by post:

Data Protection Officer
P. O. Box 191
NO-0510 Oslo

For reasons of privacy, we ask that you do not submit sensitive data, such as medical information, via e-mail.

Responding to requests

If you make a request to Lånekassen concerning access or other rights to data, you are entitled to receive a response within 30 days of Lånekassen receiving your request. You can require the response to be made in writing. In the event that special circumstances make it impossible for Lånekassen to provide a satisfactory response by the deadline, you will receive a preliminary response with information about the cause of the delay and the date by which you can expect to receive a response.