Housing grant

Applies to those in upper secondary school with statutory rights as a young person


Students are not entitled to a housing grant

Housing grants are only for pupils attending upper secondary education with statutory rights as a young person. Lånekassen has other support schemes for students in university and university college education.

What is a housing grant?

A housing grant is a support scheme for pupils who are unable to live at home while attending upper secondary education.

It is not sufficient that you prefer to live alone.

You may only receive a housing grant if

  • The distance between parental home and school is more than 40 kilometres, or
  • You spend more than three hours per day travelling between your parents’ home and school, or
  • There are conditions that prevent you from living at home

The grant is not means-tested

Neither your parents’ income nor you own income affect the size of the housing grant

How to apply

There is no separate application for housing grants. When you apply for a grant for upper secondary education, you must check the box indicating that you will be living away from home. We will then assess whether you are entitled to a housing grant.

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