General terms and conditions for receiving loans and grants

There are some general conditions you must meet to be eligible for loans and grants from Lånekassen. Here you can read about the most important ones.

You can receive support to take 480 credits

This rule applies even if you have repaid previous loans. If you have received support from public schemes in other countries, this period will also count towards how long you can receive support for.

Upper secondary education or primary and lower secondary education that has been completed with statutory rights as a young person does not count towards the studies you can receive support for. In other words, you may receive support to take 480 credits in addition to the years in which you attended upper secondary education. 480 credits is the equivalent of eight years of full-time studies.

The rules for how much of your studies you can receive support for will change as of the 2021-2022 academic year. The rule change is particularly relevant to those who have or will study part-time.

Nevertheless, if your studies have been delayed because you were ill, had children or because the teaching environment or study situation is not adapted to your reduced functional ability, you may receive support to take more than 480 credits.

You must be admitted to an approved education

All study programmes at Norwegian universities and public university colleges are approved for loans and grants, as well as most private university colleges, such as BI. If you are unsure of whether your education is approved for loans and grants, you can ask us or see the summary of accredited institutions at NOKUT.

Foreign citizens

As a main rule, you must be a Norwegian citizen to receive support from the Norwegian State Educational Fund. Foreign nationals can receive support for education in Norway if they meet certain conditions for affiliation. Only citizens of EEA or EFTA countries and their family members can receive loans and grants to take an entire education abroad.

Read more about foreign citizens and affiliation to Norway.

You cannot be above 65 years of age

There is no lower age limit for student loans. However, if you are above the age of 50, you will receive less grants and loans, and if you are above the age of 70, you are not eligible for grants and loans.

You must not have defaulted on previous student loans

If you have failed to meet your payment obligations on previous student loans or have violated the duty of disclosure, you may not qualify for grants and loans for more education.

It is only when we have processed your application for grants and loans that you will be notified of whether you are qualified for new support.

You cannot be delayed by more than one year

f you are delayed by more than 60 credits, you will receive no further loans or grants

Read the regulations (Norwegian only)