Application for support for preliminary course and summer course in Norway

This is what are you applying for

In the application you apply for basic support and an eventual additional loan for school fees. You may choose to apply for only the part of the basic support that can be converted to a grant, or the entire loan.

The application also applies to other grants and loans that only certain groups are entitled to. These are child grant, additional loan and refugee grant.

There are separate applications for parental grant and additional grant due to disability.

Unable to find your summer course?

If you are unable to find your summer course in the application, send us a letter together with the application. Enclose documentation from your place of study showing that the studies has been specified in your education programme or that you are saving time on the standard study period.


In most cases, documentation is not required for summer courses in Norway. In order to receive loans and grants for field work during the summer you need to enclose documentation from your supervisor showing that it is necessary for the field work to take place during the summer. 

If you don’t have documentation ready when you are applying, you may submit it later.

This year's application

You cannot search for loans and grants for the summer 2024 yet. The application opens in April 2024.

The deadline for application is before youthe course ends.