Approved programmes of education

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What educations abroad can I get support for?

General requirements for support for educations abroad

The education must be full-time and the education must be based on campus. This means that you must follow regular teaching / supervision at the educational institution. We do not provide support for distance learning / online studies / group-based educations abroad.

You can still get a limited loan to cover tuition fees for online studies in other EEA countries than Norway. There are no requirements for full-time education here. The education must nevertheless meet the ordinary conditions that it must be equated with Norwegian higher education.

Countries outside the Nordic region

Lånekassen provides support for educations in countries outside the Nordic region that can provide a basis for general approval from The Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills, as equivalent to Norwegian bachelor's, master's and PhD educations.

In some cases, we also provide support for education that is equivalent to upper secondary education in Norway and for vocational education.
Lånekassen can provide support for language courses in languages other than English that are offered at a university or at a language school with public accreditation.

Educations we do not support

We do not give support to pilot training or health education in subject areas that are not a regulated health profession in Norway.

We also do not give support to study medicine, nursing, pharmacist, midwife, dentist, and veterinary medicine outside of EEA countries, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

The Nordic region

The education must be approved in the country you are going to.
We can provide loans and grants to universities, colleges, upper secondary schools, vocational education and folk high schools in all the Nordic countries.

The condition is that the education is publicly approved in the country of study and approved for loans and scholarships from the loan fund in the country in question. You can read more about special requirements and conditions on the pages for education in the Nordic countries.

Are you going to study health sciences?
Familiarise yourself with the rules for authorisation
Extended grants for tuition fees
Some educational institutions abroad entitle you to an enhanced grant to pay for tuition fees