How to apply for a grant for delays exceeding 60 study credits and receive basic support as a grant

Apply for ordinary support first

You must be in an educational programme that entitles you to loans and grants. However, if you are in ordinary upper secondary education with statutory rights as a young person, you will not receive an additional grant.

Apply for ordinary support before you submit this application. 


You must be delayed due to disability

In order to be entitled to extended support, you must be delayed by more than 60 study credits. At that point you will initially have lost your right to grants and loans from Lånekassen.

You must be delayed due to disability that the educational institution has been unable to adapt for. If there is another reason why you are delayed, you are not entitled to extended support.


Attach confirmation from your educational institution proving that the teaching environment or study situation at the educational institution was not adapted to your functional ability.

Attach documentation from NAV proving that you do not receive fixed benefits for subsistence, such as disability pension or work assessment allowance.

Attach documentation from a physician or other professional confirming that you have a disability.

No separate application

There is no separate application for support for delays, and you must therefore send us a letter clearly stating that you are applying for this. Mark the letter “Grant for delay.” Remember to include your birth number and personal identity number or you customer number with Lånekassen.

Mail your letter to Lånekassen, postboks 450 Alnabru, 0614 Oslo