Income-dependent grant


Income-dependent grant

The grant is intended as a contribution towards the cost of living for students from low income families.

The grant is also intended to ensure that students have the opportunity to take upper secondary education regardless of family income.

There are three different income-dependent grant rates. There are three different income-dependent grant rates. The rates are NOK 1,244, NOK 2,488 or NOK 3,733 per month.

Your parents are obliged to support you as long as you have statutory rights as a young person, even after the age of 18.

This is what we look for when we consider whether you can receive an income-dependent grant:

  • whether your parents live together
  • whether your parents have new partners
  • the income of both of your parents
  • how many siblings you have

How to apply

You do not have to complete a separate application for an income-dependent grant. Simply select whether or not to apply for an income-dependent grant in the upper secondary education grant application.

Application for grants for upper secondary education