Application for parental grant

Apply for ordinary support first

You must be in an educational programme that entitles you to loans and grants, Apply for ordinary support before you submit this application. 

If the parental grant period spans two different academic years, you must remember to apply for grant and loan for year number two when this is possible. The application for grant and loan for the next academic year becomes available in May.


There are two exceptions to this rule. If any of these apply to you, please send application for parental grant without sending av application for ordinary support first:

  • you had a child within seven months after finishing your degree
  • you have a statutory right to upper secondary education and have been in an educational programme the academic year before the child was born

Apply when the child has been born

You cannot apply for parental grant before the child is born, and the application deadline is no later than one year after the birth.

  1. Download and print the application form - see bottom of page
  2. Fill in and sign the form
  3. Log in and go to the page Apply for grants and loans via the menu
  4. Upload and submit the form




If you will be taking leave, you must attach documentation from your educational institution stating the period of leave.

Attach a copy of the decision from NAV if your cohabitant or spouse will be receiving parental benefit.

Assessment time

Your case will be processed by a Case Officer and you should expect it to take some time before you receive an answer.

Download application for parental grant [pdf - Norwegian only]