Application for support for individual courses outside of the Nordic region

This is what you are applying for

In the application, you apply for basic support, travel support and any additional loans for tuition fees. You can choose to apply for grants only and would receive only the grant element of the tuition fee and travel support, as well as the part of the basic support that can be converted to a grant

The application also applies to other support that only certain groups are entitled to. This includes child grants, additional loans, language grants, refugee grants and grants for facilitated engineering and economics programmes of education in France and Germany.

There are separate applications for parental grants and additional grants due to disability.


You need to enclose a final letter of admission from the educational institution showing which subjects you will be studying together with your application. The number of credits/ECTS per subject and the level at which the subjects are taught must also be shown in the letter of admission.

In countries where each study programme has to be approved (for example France and Spain), the documentation must also show the degree courses from which the subjects you will be studying have been taken.

You must also submit documentation showing how much you will pay in tuition fees and that you have achieved general study competence in Norway.

Assessment time

You will receive a response or notification of the application’s status within 24 hours.

The application is not available on Dine sider immediately, but if you have received a receipt, we have received your application. You will also find information about the estimated processing time for your application at Dine sider.

Are you living at home in the autumn semester due to the coronavirus pandemic?

All students who have been awarded support due to living away from home but that have had to move back with their parents due to the coronavirus pandemic will be considered to have been living away from home for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester. These exception rules will be continued in the autumn of 2020.

If you will be studying abroad but are unable to attend campus at the start of your studies due to the coronavirus situation, you should still respond yes to the following question on the application form: “Will you be staying on campus whilst studying?”

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