Use of cookies at

We use cookies to collect information about the usage patterns of our users to better adapt our website and services to customer needs.

Cookies (information capsules) are small text files that are placed on your computer when you download a website. Most websites use such cookies.

How does Lånekassen use cookies?

We use two categories of cookies on We use cookies that are essential for the website to work as intended and we use cookies to analyse web traffic. It is not possible to opt out of the use of essential cookies but we will not use cookies for web analysis without your explicit consent.

We use the Siteimprove tool for web analysis on, Dine Sider,, Foreldresigneringsportalen (parental consent portal), and
Arbeidsflaten for læresteder (work interface for educational institutions).

Legal basis for the use of cookies

The basis for processing is Article 6, item 1 f of the GDPR, which allows us to process information necessary to manage a legitimate interest that is weighted more heavily than individual privacy. The legitimate interest is to ensure that the services on the website work.

The storage and processing of information is not permitted unless the user has been informed and consents to such processing. The user must be informed of and consent to the information that is processed, the purpose of the processing and who the information is processed by, cf. Section 2-7b of the Norwegian act relating to electronic communication.

Am I anonymous when using the website?

We never store information that can identify you personally and the information is processed in an anonymised and aggregated form. The fact that information is anonymised means that we cannot trace the information we collect back to you as a user. We anonymise your IP address and cannot link usage statistics to individual IP addresses. 

Overview of cookies on

Essential cookies

  • Epi: StateMarker: Deleted when you close the web browser
  • CookieConsent. Duration: 1 year The cookie stores information about whether or not you consent to cookies.
  • CookieLkno. Duration: Deleted when you close the web browser. The cookie stores information about whether or not you have signed in.

Cookies in Siteimprove

  • nmstat. Duration: 1,000 days This cookie collects information about the user’s visit to the website. Usage statistics mean when the user last visited the website, for example. The content of the cookie is a randomly generated ID used to recognise the web browser when a user visits a website. The cookie does not contain any personal details and is used only for usage statistics for the website.
  • siteimproveses. Duration: Deleted when you close the web browser. This cookie is used only to collect information about which pages a user visits on the website. The information is used for analysis of how users navigate around websites.
  • Siteimprove-cookie-accept. Ducation: One month. Used by Siteimprove to check whether the web browser accepts cookies.
  • sz-feedback-should-hide. Duration: Deleted when you close the web browser. This cookie is used if you have chosen not to see the feedback box again. The cookie does not contain any personal data.
  • _cfduid. Duration: One year Used by Siteimprove Analytics. Cookie from CloudFlare identifying secure web traffic

The information collected by Siteimprove is stored on the company’s servers in various EU countries in accordance with Siteimprove’s guidelines for privacy and the data processing agreement with Lånekassen.