Lånekassen’s use of cookies

Lånekassen uses cookies in its services to improve your user experience and gather statistics.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you load a website. Most websites use such cookies.

Our services include

  • Lanekassen.no
  • Dine sider
  • Statistics and analytics
  • Parent signing
  • Information about educational institutions
  • Applications

The use of cookies is permitted as long as you receive information about the cookies we use and you consent to such use. This is set out in Section 2-7 b of the Norwegian Electronic Communications Act. We need to tell you what data we process and for which purposes, as well as who processes your data.  

Our use of cookies entails the use of personal data. The legal basis for processing is Article 6-1 f of the General Data Protection Regulation, which permits us to process necessary data to manage a legitimate interest that is weighted more heavily than individual privacy. The legitimate interest is to make our websites work well so that you have a good user experience.
When Lånekassen uses cookies for statistical and analytical purposes, we do not store information that can identify you personally. Data is processed in de-identified and aggregated form. The fact that the data is de-identified means that we cannot trace the data we collect back to you. We anonymise your IP address and we cannot link usage statistics to individual IP addresses.  
In addition to using statistics and analytics tools, we also need to monitor how our services are working. The technical logs used for this purpose are linked to IP addresses and other personal identifiers.

Preventing or deleting cookies

Most browsers have been configured to automatically accept cookies. You can prevent cookies from being stored by changing your browser settings. The pages will not work optimally and any services that require you to be logged in will not work. You can also delete cookies in your browser or through file management.

Cookies used in our services

Login cookies

  • Ikauth: this cookie stores information about whether or not you are logged in. The cookie is deleted when you close the browser.  
    Siteimprove cookies (analytics tool)

Lånekassen uses the Siteimprove analytics and statistics tool to quality assure its services. We use it to correct errors and defects, analyse visits and clicks, etc.

The information collected by Siteimprove is stored on the company’s servers in various EU countries in accordance with Siteimprove’s guidelines for privacy and the data processing agreement with Lånekassen. Siteimprove uses the following cookies:

  • nmstat: This cookie is retained for 1000 days. The purpose of the cookie is to collect information about the user’s visit to the website. The content of the cookie is a randomly generated ID used to recognise the web browser when a user visits a website. The cookie does not store any personal data and is used only for statistics relating to the use of the website.  
  • AWSALBCORS: This cookie is retained for seven days. It will ensure that all analytics data for a single visit (user session) is sent to the same endpoint. It is used to compile the sequence of an individual’s visit to different pages, which supports behavioural tracking.  

App Dynamics cookies

Lånekassen uses the App Dynamics tool to monitor how its services are working and to detect errors. App Dynamics uses the following cookies:  

  • ADRUM_BTa: This cookie contains a transaction ID and time information and is used to compare user experience in relation to the quality of our services.
  • ADRUM_BTg: This cookie contains a transaction ID and is used as an alternative method to compare user experiences to the quality of our services.
  • ADRUM_BT[1-5]: This cookie contains business transaction numbers and details of time spent, as well as error information for the first five transactions, e.g. ADRUM_BT1, ADRUM_BT2, etc.
  • ADRUM_BTs: This cookie includes a link from a snapshot of the browser to a snapshot of our services.  
  • ADRUM_BTh: This cookie is written only if an error occurs in one of our services.
  • SameSite: SameSite enables the code running in your browser to access the ADRUM_BT cookie to maintain business transaction correlation. When SameSite cookies are present, the code will have access to the ADRUM_BT cookie containing business transaction data. Without SameSite cookies, the code cannot analyse business transaction data in the cookie sent from our services. This is because data is sent somewhere other than lanekassen.no.