How is automatic processing of applications carried out?

Lånekassen processes most applications on educational support automatically based on the personal data we have, and the rules regarding educational support.

When you use Lånekassen’s online application form to apply for educational support, we save the information you enter. Our system also retrieves other relevant information about you. We use the national registry, for example, to determine your citizenship. The regulations relating to Lånekassen’s access to collect information allow us to do so.

If you previously have applied for support, we will check whether there are changes to your personal information.

The system then checks whether we have all the information we need to process the application. In our online application you may be asked to submit documentation. If you choose to forward documentation, the application will be put on hold until this has been received.

When we have all the information we need, the application will be processed by a rule engine. The rule engine checks whether you meet the requirements for education support based on the information we have about you. The system will determine whether you are entitled to support, establish the period for which you are entitled to support, calculate which support you will receive in the period, create a payment plan and establish a decision.

If you are not entitled to support, or are not granted the full support you have applied for, in some cases the system will reject all or part of your application. In other cases the system will notify you that a case officer has to take a closer look at the case. In this case, the application will be placed in the processing queue, with a notification of why the application was not decided by the system.