Information about refugee grant in other languages

Publisert: 27.01.2021
Refugees may be eligible for a refugee grant from Lånekassen for a limited period. The sooner they start their education, the longer period they may be entitled for the refugee grant. Information is now available in Arabic, Somali, Tigrinya and Farsi, in addition to Norwegian and English.

Refugees with protection (asylum), who do not receive introduction benefit, can be eligible for the refugee grant from Lånekassen for primary, secondary or upper secondary education for up to three years. In order to receive the refugee grant for the full period, it is important that they start their education within three years after being granted asylum.

If they have a child during the period or are undertaking primary and secondary education before starting upper seconary education the period may be extended for up to two years.

The amount is a grant 

Those who receive the refugee grant will receive the full amount as a grant, except for additional loan and loans for tutition fees. The amount they receive will vary according to the situation they are in. For an adult without any other income or benefit, the amout is approximatly NOK 11 000 a month. If they support children, they may be entitled to more. 

The refugee grant only applies to primary, secondary or upper secondary education, but refugees attending vocational school, university college or university, may receive loans and grants on the same terms as Norwegian citizens. 

When can the refugee apply?

The pupil may apply for the refugee grant for the next academic year when he or she has been enrolled. There is not a separate application for refugee grant, use the regular application for loans and grants. 

It is possible to apply for the refugee grant or other loans/grants for the spring of 2021 until 15 March 2021. 

Information in other languages

You will find more information and you may download brochures in different languages here:

Grants and loans for refugees - Arabic, Somali, Tigrinya and Farsi, English, Norwegian 

Grants and loans for foreign citizens - Arabic, Somali, Tigrinya, Farsi, French, Spanish, English, Norwegian

A video will be made during the winter of 2021 about refugee grant in different languages. This will be available on Lånekassens webpage. 


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