Must document to get additional loans converted to grant

Publisert: 25.01.2021
Did you apply for additional loans because you had a drop in income in the spring of 2020? Now some of the loan can get converted into a grant, but first you must submit documentation.

In May 2020, students and pupils could apply for an additional loan from Lånekassen if the coronavirus pandemic led to a drop in income between 1 March and 15 June.

For students, the additional loan was NOK 26,000, and for pupils it was NOK 13,000. Of these, NOK 8,000 could be converted into a grant. Now everyone who had a drop in income must document this drop. The actual conversion to a grant will be done during the spring.

Submit your answer on Dine sider

In January and February, everyone who received the additional loan will receive an e-mail from Lånekassen informing them to log in to Dine sider. On Dine sider, you will receive guidance on which documentation to submit if you had a drop in income due to the coronavirus situation. 

Also submit your answer if you did not have a drop in income 

If you did not have a decrease in income, it is also important that you answer. Then you do not need to submit documentation. 

You will not get any of the loan converted into grant,   and the additional loan will be part of the student loan that you will eventually repay.


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Submit documentation

Remember that you must submit documentation by March 10, 2021 to have NOK 8,000 of the additional loan converted into a grant.