Delays, interruptions and changes in studies

If you fail exams, discontinue or change education, this may impact the amount of loans and grants you are entitled to.
You can be delayed by up to
60 cr
before it affects your right to loans and grants

When you fail an examination

If you fail an examination, you will be academically delayed. This may affect whether you are entitled to loans and grants later, and how much of your loan that may be converted to a grant.

One year of full-time education corresponds to 60 study credits. You can be delayed by up to 60 study credits before it affects how much you may receive in loans and grants. If you are delayed by more than 60 credits, you are not entitled to loans and grants. However, if the delay has been caused by special circumstances, you may nevertheless be entitled to support.

The proportion of the loan that is converted to a grant is also linked to whether you pass. If you fail one or more examinations, loans will not be converted to grants for the subjects you failed. However, if you are able to make up the delay within four years, you will achieve conversion to grant.

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When you stop before you have finished

If you discontinue studies that you have received loans and grants to take, it is important that you notify us.

If you no longer are a student, you are not entitled to loans and grants. You must therefore notify us as soon as possible, so that we may stop payments as soon as possible. If you were forced to stop because you became ill, you may be entitled to illness grants.

You are delayed if you have been awarded loans or grants for an education you fail to pass. This may mean that you will not be qualify for loans or grants later.

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When you switch to more or fewer subjects

If you decide to take more or fewer study credits in the semester, you may be entitled to more or less loans and grants. You must notify us immediately.

When you change educational institution

If you change educational institution after you have applied for grants and loans, you must submit a new application. This applies even if you already have received a response to your application and are given money.