Shorter exchange stays during upper secondary education

These rules apply if you turn 20 years or less during the calendar year in which the academic year commences, and do not have university and college admissions certification or vocational qualifications.

You may be eligible for support for exchange stays that form part of a partnership programme between a Norwegian and a foreign school.

These partnership programmes are approved by the Norwegian Centre for Higher Education and Skills (HK-dir). See list of programmes that are approved for support from Lånekassen.

You may be eligible for a grant and you can also choose to apply for a loan.

Remember to submit documentation

After submitting your application, you will need to submit documentation showing how much you need to pay in tuition fees.You can upload documentation via Dine sider at or send the documentation by regular post after applying for support. Find the latest submitted application on Dine sider and click Send documentation.

Go to the application to see what documentation we require.

See documentation aquirements in the application