Who is considered to be a resident and gainfully employed in Finnmark og Nord-Troms?

In order for you to be considered to be living in the region, you need to be registered at an address there in the Norwegian National Population Register and you need to actually live there.

You do not need to be in full-time employment to be considered gainfully employed

In order for us to consider you to be gainfully employed, you need to fulfil at least one of the criteria below

  • Working in at least a 50 per cent position
  • Full-time employment for at least six months during the accrual period and registered as a jobseeker with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) for the other six months
  • Caring for children born in 2014 or later, or having particularly burdensome care duties within the immediate family.
  • on study leave with a salary or grant that corresponds to at least 50 per cent of a full time position, where the salary is paid by an employer in the region
  • employed in the transport sector, on vessels, oil exploration vessels or permanent installations in the continental shelf and resident in the region.

If you are on sick leave during the period, this period will be included in the accrual period.

Who is not considered gainfully employed?

You will not be considered gainfully employed if, during the accrual period, you have been a full-time student, completed national service or been a student at a military school. In these cases, you will also not be entitled to a reduction in debt.