Application for an illness grant

Apply for ordinary support first

You must be in an educational programme that entitles you to loans and grants. 

Apply for ordinary support before you submit this application

Send the application by mail

The application for is only available on paper, but you can upload the application electronically. Log in and go to the page Applications for deferral, interest waiver or debt cancellation via the menu. 

Or you can send the application by post to:
P.O. Box 450 Alnabru
0614 Oslo


Apply when you recover

As a rule, we don’t provide illness grants forward in time. You must therefore wait until you have recovered or until the academic year is over before applying.

Lånekassen must receive your application for an illness grant within six months after the end of the academic year or the course.

Assessment time

Your case will be processed by a Case Officer and you should expect it to take some time before you receive an answer.

Download application form