Requirements and conditions for support

Sist oppdatert: 19.05.2020
Here you can read about the requirements and conditions for support for education abroad.
  • Norwegian citizen or a citizen of an EEA or EFTA country who has accrued rights in Norway. You must have accrued rights in Norway yourself, or have a parent or partner who is entitled to work in Norway. You may also be eligible for support if you have been granted permanent right of residence (for EU/EEA nationals) as an EU/EEA citizen or a family member of an EU/EEA citizen. In Norwegian this is called “varig oppholdsrett for EU/EØS-borgere”, not to be mistaken with “permanent oppholdstillatelse”.
  • General entrance requirements in Norway. General entrance requirements mean that you fulfil the entrance requirements for higher education in Norway. You must send in documentary evidence that you have general entrance requirements together with your application. There are many ways of achieving the general entrance requirements. The most usual is to complete three years of upper secondary education in Norway.
  • Residence in Norway must be a consecutive period of at least two years during the five years before the education begins. The residence requirement applies to both Norwegian and foreign citizens who intend to take education in a country other than Norway. Exceptions may be made in some cases.
  • Not received support for higher education for more than eight years. Ordinary upper secondary education with the young person's entitlement is not included in these eight years.
  • No more than 60 study points delayed from previous education. If you have more than 60 study points (equivalent of one year full time studies) still to be achieved from previous education, you are not entitled to support until the term after you have passed the outstanding study points. 
  • Not aged over 70. The support may be reduced if you reach the age of 50 before completing the education. The amount by which support may be reduced is determined by your age and the size of your student loan.
  • You must not have defaulted on previous student loans from Lånekassen - the State Educational Loan Fund, Norway. If your loan has been transferred to the Norwegian National Collection Agency (SI), this must be cleared before you can receive further support. You must either pay the outstanding amount or apply for a payment delay or interest exemption.