Sist oppdatert: 19.05.2020
When you apply for support for education abroad and you need to send in documentation, you must check that the documentation is correct and fulfils our requirements.

To enable us to process your application for support for education abroad, you must send in:

  • A certificate from an upper secondary school or other confirmation that shows that you have achieved general entrance requirements in Norway
  • An unconditional offer
  • Confirmation of the amount you will have to pay in tuition fees
  • If you send incomplete information, processing will be delayed.

Studying in the Nordic region?

If you are to study within the Nordic region, you do not need to send us a confirmation of general entrance requirements.

General entrance requirements

To receive support to study abroad, you must meet the general entrance requirements (for university entrance) in Norway. You can read about the different ways of achieving general entrance requirements at the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service. If you are unsure whether you have achieved the general entrance requirements, you can send in a copy of the documentation you have together with your application. If anything is missing, we will tell you.

Unconditional offer

Some teaching institutions require you to fulfil certain academic conditions before you can receive an unconditional offer. Examples of academic conditions might be that you have to pass an IELTS or TOEFL test. This will not be accepted by Lånekassen. You must therefore not submit an application until you have an unconditional offer that shows that you have fulfilled any academic conditions. The unconditional offer must show:

  • your name
  • what level of degree you will take, bachelor for example
  • that you are studying full time
  • subject
  • duration of the course and expected conclusion date

Tuition fees

If you are to pay tuition fees, you must submit a confirmation from the teaching institution showing how much you will pay. Other expenses must not be included, because only pure tuition fees will be covered. If you will receive reduced tuition fees, or a grant from the teaching institution, this must be clearly shown in the confirmation. We do not accept printouts from websites, e-mails or I-20 forms (USA).