Approval of education outside the Nordic region

Sist oppdatert: 19.05.2020
You can receive support for full-time education at university or university college level outside the Nordic region. Support may also be given for upper secondary education in exceptional cases.

The conditions for receiving support for education outside the Nordic region are:

  • Admission to an approved educational institution
  • The education must be full-time
  • The education must be equivalent to a Norwegian bachelor, master or Ph.D level
  • You must be on the campus and studying
  • The educational programme cannot be internet-based or based on remote teaching with occasional meetings
  • Summer courses that are an approved part of the degree course you have been accepted for

The education must be equivalent to a Norwegian degree

Higher education in countries outside the Nordic region must give study points in Norway. When Lånekassen's rules require that the education must be equivalent to or approved as part of a Norwegian degree, Lånekassen must obtain information about this from the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT). NOKUT administers the general rules for approval of foreign education in Norway.

Health education

You can receive a grant or loan for health and medical education abroad if this is in a subject area that requires authorisation in Norway in accordance with the Health Personnel Act, section 48. Lånekassen does not provide support for health and medical education outside Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia.

In order to work in the health service in Norway you must have authorisation. The Norwegian Directorate of Health is responsible for such authorisation. We recommend that anyone considering health or medical education abroad investigates what is required in order to receive authorisation. Even if a course of education qualifies for support from Lånekassen, this does not give automatic authorisation from SAK.

Education for which you cannot receive support:

  • courses based on the internet, remote teaching or occasional meetings. Read about the exceptions here (page in Norwegian). 
  • pilot training with the exception of officially-approved airline pilot training in the Nordic region