Academic progress and tuition fees (C form)

Sist oppdatert: 27.06.2017
The State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen) has a form that needs to be filled in to verify the students’ academic progress and tuition fees paid for the academic year.

The students receive the form annually each February and the appropriate office at the academic institution fills in the form.

How to fill in the form

1. Please print out the form.
2. Part one of the form is filled in by the student before he/she hands it over to the appropriate office at the academic institution. Parts two and three of the form are filled in by the academic institution.
3. Return the form to Lånekassen before the due date 31 march 2017, or as soon as possible after the due date.

The form is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. You can download the form here.

Compulsory content

  • Confirmation of academic progress (points c and d) for 2015 (1 January-31 December 2016).
  • If the student has failed any courses, please provide an academic transcript stating how many credits/points were accumulated.
  • Confirmation of paid tuition fees (point f) for the period 15 August 2015-15 June 2016. Please do not include any other fees than tuition fees. If applicable, please provide details of any scholarship(s) the student received during this period.

If the academic year does not correspond with the form

Only provide details for the periods stated, even if the academic year does not correspond with this form (as will be the case in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa). If the academic institution prefers to write its own statement, please comply with the instructions in the C form.

How to return the form

The students themselves can upload the form on Dine sider. If uploading is not possible, the form can be returned to Lånekassen by fax or mail. Fax number + 47 22 64 26 36. Address: Lånekassen, postboks 4551, 8608 Mo i Rana

Consequences when the form is not correct or returned in time

No guarantee of financial support can be provided before a correctly filled out form has been returned to Lånekassen. The students’ application process will be prolonged if we have not received a correctly filled out form.

Students may apply for financial support for the next academic year or semester as early as May each year.