Parental grants for quota students

Sist oppdatert: 19.05.2020
If you have a child during your studies under the Quota Program, you may be eligible for a parental grant.

A parental grant means that all the support for a given period will be given as a grant. The parent grant may be given for a period of up to 49 weeks (46 weeks when adopting). In addition you may be eligible for a child grant.

Conditions for parental grant in connection with birth or adoption of a child

A condition for being eligible for a parental grant is that you still are admitted to the quota scheme. In addition

  • you must have been entitled to a loan or grant from Lånekassen for the last six months before the birth/adoption takes place.
  • you must reside with the child in Norway.
  • your spouse or partner must not receive a parent grant from the National Insurance Scheme at the same time. An exception is made if the graduated parental grant scheme is used.

Leave from the course of education

You may be entitled to a parental grant if you take leave from your studies, but it is a requirement that you keep your quota place during the period of leave. If you leave the quota programme during the period of leave, you lose your entitlement to a parental grant.

Important: If you take leave earlier than three weeks before the birth, this must be because of illness or for academic reasons.

The support period may not be extended for more than one year due to birth / adoption

Quota students who have a child during their studies are not entitled to support for a delay of more than one year, even though the delay is due to the birth/adoption.