Child grant

Sist oppdatert: 29.05.2020
You may be eligible for a child grant for children born in 2005 or later. A condition for receiving this grant is that you live with your child / children in Norway.

If you live with your spouse or partner, the entitlement to a child grant depends on the yearly income of your partner/spouse (personal and capital income).

How to apply for a child grant

There is no special application form to apply for a child grant. You must upload the documentation as an attachment to the online application or send it by post from your academic institution.


  • Birth certificate for child born in Norway, or
  • Copy of residence permit in the passport that shows when the child came to Norway
  • Copy of letter of approval from the UDI (Directorate of Immigration) that shows the grounds for residence and date of approval
  • Documentation of the current yearly income of your partner/spouse.