Cancellation of debt

Sist oppdatert: 19.05.2020
You may apply for cancellation of your debt when you have lived continuously for at least 12 months in your home country and are still resident there.

Documentation of moving

We can accept a letter or declaration from your employer as documentation. If you have been unemployed, we accept documentation from the official authority.

Payment terms for those who do not return home

If you remain resident in Norway or travel to a country other than your home country, you will receive a payment schedule and must expect to repay the loan on normal terms. The rules for deferred payment and interest exemption will then also apply to you. Read more on repayment.

Cancellation of debt with later return home

The debt can be cancelled even if you do not immediately travel home after completing your education. This applies, for example:

  • if you do not receive any further support from Lånekassen but still choose to remain in Norway to complete or take more education
  • if you choose to work in Norway for a period

However the debt cannot be cancelled until you can document that you have lived in your home country for at least one year.

Return to Norway

If your debt has been cancelled and you return to Norway within ten years, you must repay the debt.