Ekstra betalingsutsettelser

You can no longer get additional payment deferrals due to the corona pandemic.

You can apply for deferred payment of your bills

You can defer bills with deadline in the period March 2020 to December 2022 without using your fixed quota of 36 deferrals.

You apply for payment deferral on Your Pages, and you do not need to explain why you are applying or submitting documentation.

This also applies if you have used up your 36 payment deferrals, or if your payment deferral application has been rejected because you have already used up your 36 deferrals.

Some customers may still have their application for deferral of payment rejected, but then for reasons other than that the quota of 36 deferrals has been used up.

Customers with terminated loans are also eligible for payment deferrals. Read more about terminated loans here.

You will not be eating into your 36 regular payment deferrals

The additional deferrals apply to the bills with a payment deadline in the period March 2020 to December 2022. If you have applied for deferral of any of your deadlines during this  period, these deferrals will not be "eating into" your quota of 36 deferrals.

Remember that you can only apply for deferral of bills you have not paid.

You will pay more interest when you defer payment

When you defer a payment, we will extend your repayment time. If you defer one bill, we will extend the repayment period by one month. If you postpone two bills, we will extend it by two months, and so on. As a result, you must pay more interest overall than you would have done if you had not deferred payment.

The monthly amount for the rest of the repayment period will be slightly higher due to the extra interest costs. You can later change the repayment schedule or pay extra to compensate for the extra interest costs.

Your payment schedule will be updated on Your Pages each time you are granted a deferral.

Remember to stop your direct debit payments

If you are granted deferral of your bill payments, please remember to stop your direct debit payments.