Lånekassen's logo

Here are guidelines for the use of Lånekassen's logo.

Lånekassen's logo consists of a wordmark and a logo symbol. Download files based on the medium in which you intend to use the files, whether it's print or web, and choose the version that provides the best contrast with the background. Black and white should only be used for printed materials where only one printing colour is available.

Guidelines for using the logo

  • The logo must have good contrast with the background.
  • Logo construction, proportions, and colours must not be altered.
  • The logo symbol must not be used on its own without Lånekassen's wordmark.
  • The logo must not be used for commercial purposes without Lånekassen's permission.

If you have questions related to Lånekassen's logo or visual identity, please send an email to the press contact.

Download the logo

For web:

Logo i farger [png]

Logo negativ [png]

For trykk:

Logo i farger [png]

Logo negativ [png]

Logo sort-hvitt [png]