The Lånekassen Board

The board is appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

On behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, the Board will follow up on business activities and verify that the management performs its duties in accordance with the governance instructions and guidelines set out by the Ministry.

The Lånekassen Board 01/07/2022-31/12/2022:

Members Position
Seunn Smith-Tønnessen Chairperson
Dag Arne Kristensen Deputy Chairperson
Vegard Iversen Board Member
Wenche Jakobsen Board Member
Cathrine Norheim Gamnes Employee Representative
Hallstein Mevassvik Employee Representative
Torbjørn Tvedt First Deputy
Trine Stangeland Second Deputy
Ingjerd Indahl Personal Deputy to Gamnes
Espen Brevik Knoll Personal Deputy to Mevassvik
Anna Handal Hellenes (ANSA) Student Representative
Maya-Katrin Skjeldal (NSO) Student Representative
Ashna Usman (Elevorganisasjonen) Deputy to Student Representative
Simen Oftedahl (NSO) Deputy to Student Representative

The pupil and student representatives have been appointed for the period 15 August 2022 to 14 August 2023.