Everything you must know about loans and grants in 2023-2024

Find out when and how to apply for loans and grants.

You can apply once you have admission

By applying early, you are more likely to have the money in your account when the semester starts.

Most applications are processed within 24 hours. More complicated applications will take time to process.

Read more about applications that take time to process.

The final deadline for applying is:

  • 15 November 2023 for the entire year or just the autumn semester 2023
  • 15 March 2024 for the spring semester 2024

What kind of programmes are eligible for support?

Programmes at all universities and approved university colleges entitle you to support from Lånekassen to take 480 credits (studiepoeng).

Click here to read more about a whole degree in a country outside the Nordic region.

Click here to read more about a whole degree in a country in the Nordic region.

Click here to read more about participating in an exchange programme outside the Nordic region.

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Basic support
NOK 12,537
per month

What to do to get the money in your account

Before you receive money, you must fullfill some conditions.

If you are a student at a public university or university college, you must:

  • Pay term fee to your place of study
  • Sign up for courses and classes at your place of study

Before we can transfer the money, you must:

  • Sign a digital agreement about loans and grants with BankID or BankID på mobil
  • Enter a valid account number on Dine sider/Din profil

If you are studying at a private university college, you must sign a contract with your place of study.

You will receive notice from us once your application is processed. Most students receive loans and grants the 15th in every month.

The income limit is
205 579
for 2023

All students receive basic support that can be converted to a grant

All students can receive basic support, and this is what most people call a student loan.

Basic support is a loan, not a grant, but up to 40 per cent of this may be converted to a grant. To achieve this, you must:

  • live away from your parents
  • complete your educational programme
  • have income and assets below the limits

You are eligible for a loan regardless of your income, but how much you make will determine what amount of your loan can be converted to a grant.

If you are only receiving loans and grants in the autumn semester, you can have a higher income than if you receive loans and grants for the whole year of 2023.

Click here to see limits for income and assets.