Support for electricity costs

The Governments proposal for an electricity loan

The latest news about the electricity loan is that the Government submitted a proposal to the Storting on 14 January 2022. We will update the information when the Storting has considered the proposal.

The government will provide electricity loans to students

On 14 January, the government presented a proposal for electricity support for students. The proposal is that students can apply for an extra NOK 3,000 in loans due to high electricity costs. The Storting must consider the proposal.

The government proposes that NOK 1200 of this additional loan will be converted into a grant. The electricity loan is meant to cover the electricity costs for students at universities, university colleges and vocational schools and adult students studying at upper secondary level.

Those who can apply will receive an e-mail when the application is ready

It is not possible to apply for the loan until the Storting has made a decision and allocated money for the loan. We will send e-mail to anyone who can apply when the application is ready.

We update continuously will be updated as soon as the Storting has considered the proposal. Our customer center does not have more information about this additional loan.

Once the electricity loan has been approved, information will also be sent to those who may wish to keep only the part of the loan that can be converted into a grant.

Read more about the proposal in a press release from the Ministry of Education and Research and in the proposal to the Storting on pages 23-24.