Application for support for primary and secondary education -without statutory rights of young people

Use the regular application form

You will use the same application form as students in university and university college education. In other words, there is not a specific application form for loans and grants for primary and secondary education.

This application form must also be used to apply for refugee grants.

This is what are you applying for

In the application you apply for basic support and an eventual additional loan for school fees. You may choose to apply for only the part of the basic support that can be converted to a grant, or the entire loan.

The application also applies to other grants and loans that only certain groups are entitled to. These are child grant, additional loan and refugee grant.

There are separate applications for parental grant and additional grant due to disability.

Documentation if you are a refugee

Are you receiving introduction benefit during the period for which you are applying for support?

If yes, you must submit a copy of the decision from the local authority or the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) showing the period during which you will receive introduction benefit

Have you completed an introduction programme?

If yes, you must submit confirmation from the local authority or the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) showing the date on which you completed the introduction programme.

Assessment time

You will receive a response or notification of the application’s status within 24 hours.

The application is not available on Dine sider immediately, but if you have received a receipt, we have received your application. You will also find information about the estimated processing time for your application at Dine sider.

Apply as soon as you get admission
for 2023–2024

You can now apply for loans and grants for the academic year 2023–2024.

The deadlines are:

  • 15. november 2023 for the fall 2023
  • 15. mars 2024 for spring 2024