Primary and secondary education

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Primary and secondary education

Subject to certain conditions, Lånekassen may provide loans and grants for primary and secondary education.

Who can receive loans and grants for primary and secondary education?

Pupils of compulsory school age, i.e. those attending “regular” primary or secondary school are not eligible for support from Lånekassen. You must be entitled to primary and secondary education pursuant to Section 4A-1 of the Norwegian Education Act. This usually means that you are above compulsory school age but still require further primary and secondary education.

How much can I receive?

Students without statutory rights of young people receive loans and grants under the same rules as upper secondary education pupils without statutory rights of young people.

You can read more about how much support you may receive here.

Refugee grants

If you have been granted asylum in Norway, you may receive refugee grants for up to three years if you are undertaking primary and secondary education, depending on how long it took from asylum being granted until you started your education.

You cannot receive refugee grants if you live in a centre for asylum seekers.

Read more about refugee grants here.

To the application

Your grant may be converted to a loan if you receive benefits

Lånekassen checks income and assets

Income and savings affect how much you may receive in grants. This means that if you have income, savings or benefits that exceed the threshold, your grant will be converted to a loan that must be repaid.

If you are married, we will also count joint savings between you and your spouse.

We will check how much income and savings you have

Lånekassen receives information about your income from employment, savings and benefits for each year in which you receive a refugee grant. The information about your income is used to check whether you are eligible to keep your grant. You will receive a letter from us when we have checked your income and savings


Read about the thresholds for income and assets
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